About Us - History and Badges

Folkmog Visit to The Netherlands - including Netherlands Morgan cars a few miles from the German border.

Folkmog - Our History

The Morgan Sports Car Club was formed in 1951 as the 4/4 club. The focus was on racing, rallying and treasure hunts. The social side did not start to develop until the 1960's. The London Centre was formed in 1965, followed by Northern Centre in 1968. The East Anglian Centre (now Anglemog) appeared on the scene in 1969. It was in 1970 the "4/4 Club" changed its name to the Morgan Sports Car Club.


In 1979 the North West Norfolk Centre was set up, initially having two Morgans at their first meeting! As the Centre lacked a distinctive name the decision was made to become CrumMog - other Centres in the UK that appeared adopted such names as Jockmog, Bogmog, and SexMog (as in Sussex not based on activities). In 1995 the name was changed to Folkmog representing the folk from Norfolk and Suffolk.                    


Over the years Folkmog has gone from strength to strength. Membership is now around 120 with 25 to 35 events held each year including a Summer Holiday and Autumn break. Events often see 25 to 30 cars. Meetings are held all over Norfolk and Suffolk with details of the programme contained in the "Events" section of this Website.


Badges  - Know Who We Are

Joining any new club or organisation can be difficult, especially remembering all those names! At every event Folkmog members wear name badges to enable guests and new members to feel welcome and know who they are speaking to. A small one off enrolment fee of £8 per person is requested when joining Folkmog and this includes the production of your personalised badge all organised by our "Badgemaster" David Corbett.